• The 1960 beach house “before” shot. (February 2017)

  • Cladding and front deck removed. (May 2017)

  • Removal of 2 mature trees (May 2017)

  • Discovery that the house has no footings below the brick piers necessitates complete demolition of the house! (end of May 2017)

  • Slabs are laid for the garage and studio. New foundations are installed at the cottage. (July 2017)

  • Framing is progressing in readiness for laying the roof sheeting. (August 2017)

  • Sadly the structure of the original chimney is compromised, and we had to demolish the last remaining remnant of the cottage.

  • The roof structure is a work of art.

  • New fireplace built from beautiful old Stafford bricks.

  • New roofing and gutters show a new stage of construction, a busy week.

  • Cedar casement windows and sliding doors are delivered ready for oiling.

  • The shape of the house is developing nicely at end of September

  • Lock Up at last, fibre cement cladding and cedar windows and doors are installed.

  • Installed plasterwork defines the interior living spaces (end of October and 6 weeks till we hope to be finished)

  • Plywood ceiling in the living room creates a warm ambience

  • The studio is clad and has a skylight on the south side

  • The front yard

  • A large timber deck and drop ceiling will create an exterior living space. Holes are dug ready for the deck posts to be concreted in place.

  • Early December sees the floor polished, walls painted and joinery installed.

  • 7 dual cabs on site: plumbers, electrician, cleaner, carpenters – are we nearly there?

  • The front yard: Connecting to the sewer and stormwater, just as the interim occupation inspecting commences!

  • The rear deck is almost completed.

  • 12 December, 8 tradies on site – 6 days till we have to be out of our house.

  • 4 days later, the battens are completed, water tank installed, occupancy inspection passed and we can move in!

  • Eastern view of the completed house.

  • One happy architect.

  • Inside is spacious, light and uncluttered.

  • The dining and living rooms open out onto the large undercover red ironbark deck. The outdoor living room.

  • Streamlined joinery in the kitchen makes a perfect workspace with a view to the neighbourhood.

  • Grandkids install new fish in the pond. Happy Christmas everyone!


Location:  Tathra

Builder:  SL Hodgson Constructions

Over 2017 we will be renovating this humble 1960 beach house in Tathra.  During the course of construction we will be following the progress and the way the changes are being made to update the house.

Primarily the footprint of the house will remain but with an extension to the east that will enclose the chimney.  As well there will be a new art studio and garage on either side of the house.

Will it all go smoothly or, will there be a glitch or 2 along the renovation road?